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Picture of Ole Gulliksen, Otley Osteopaths Osteopath

Otley Osteopaths provide a range of professional Osteopathy services to both individual clients and businesses in Yorkshire.

Osteopathy is a type of manual therapy that looks at how muscles, the skeleton and soft tissues of the body interact.

In disease or injury, the way the body functions can become misaligned, causing pain. Osteopaths provide a careful assessment of how the body is currently working and then correct any problems to ease pain. It is therefore effective in treating; back pains, joint problems and minor sports injuries. The manual techniques are carried out by a skilled and highly trained practitioner.

For our individual clients

Osteopathy treatments tailored to your individual needs at our clinic in Otley, West Yorkshire.

Individual Clients

For our corporate clients

Corporate packages which provide work place based Osteopathy clinics and musculoskeletal health promotion.

Corporate Clients

Picture of Otley Osteopaths Osteopath at work - hip, leg and knee
Picture of Otley Osteopaths Osteopath at work - shoulder pain
Picture of Otley Osteopaths Osteopath at work - foot and ankle

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