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Quality of Life


You shouldn't have to live with pain. 


Otley Osteopaths was established to help treat individuals with  new or on-going pain. Our belief is that you should not have to live with pain when there are ways to identify the root causes of that pain and to help the body heal itself. We provide treatment for musculoskeletal problems without the need for scans or lengthy waiting times for medical appointments. If there are any concerning issues, we will always recommend referral to your GP as required.

Most people only need a few treatments to ease their symptoms, and often report feeling better after the first treatment. Long-term problems sometimes require longer courses of treatments and exercises. In these circumstances we can help you schedule the exercises into your lifestyle and we build a plan with you, working with you to achieve your health-goals.

Sometimes poor physical health can make getting out of the house tough, so we can provide the option for home-visits, for those unable to get to our clinic.



Our Team

Professional Practitioners


All our practitioners are fully registered and insured with the General Osteopathy Council after completing their Master's degrees. They are all also members of the Institute of Osteopathy.


Ole Gulliksen

Ole, originally from Norway, has been living in Yorkshire since 2008 and studied Sports Science and Deep Tissue Massage then Osteopathy at university in Leeds.

Ole, holds additional qualifications in Sports & Deep Tissue Massage, RockTape Therapy. He also practises Cranial Osteopathy (a specialist technique to assess the flow of fluid within the brain and the subtle movements of the bones of the skull) as he has a specialist interest in treating headaches.

He founded Otley Osteopaths in 2014 as he believes people should not have to live with pain and believes osteopathy can help treat many common complaints. As a keen sportsman himself, he also appreciates the negative impact of aches and pains in sport, so works with sporting enthusiasts to treat their minor injuries.


Mariska Wilkins

Mariska graduated from Leeds Metropolitan University with a Masters in Osteopathy degree (MOst) in 2014. She enjoys treating a variety of patients, but has a particular interest in treating the elderly, as well as expectant and post-partum mothers.

Mariska has always had a passion for helping others, and worked as a care worker for a number of years before becoming an osteopath. She enjoys adapting and tailoring her osteopathic treatment to a patients’ specific needs. There is nothing more satisfying to her than seeing a transformation in patients who have previously been in pain, and can now carry on with their normal lives.

Mariska has completed further training in myofascial taping, Neil Asher frozen shoulder technique, and obstetric care.


Matt Stentiford

Matt is a Yorkshire man, born and bred!

His specialist interest is sporting injuries and prescribing exercise advice to help people return to their optimum performance levels. His personal sporting interests include football, rugby, cricket and golf. He also enjoys helping people correct their gym routines to prevent injury and improve their gains.

Matt also has additional qualifications in acupuncture, sports (Rock) taping and cranial osteopathy.

Our Clinic

Active in Otley


Since 2014, we've been helping people across West Yorkshire, from all walks of life with many, varied injuries, aches and pains that are now enjoying a healthy lifestyle that is no longer controlled by pain. Though we may not all be locals (Ole Gulliksen isn't a 'traditional' Yorkshire name...) we've grown to love everything about Otley and really enjoy helping its community live a full and active life.


Our clinic is based in the centre of Otley, West Yorkshire, opposite Sainsbury's supermarket, with easy access by bus and there is free parking.


Otley is bursting with beautiful countryside walks, sports events and activity-based groups to join, often featuring in the route for the Tour de Yorkshire. It’s no wonder, then, that we are based in Otley, to help its community keep on top of a healthy lifestyle.

With so much to do, it’s easy to allow the general 'wear-and-tear’ of sports, exercise and life in general to build up until we hit a wall, niggling pains become unbearable and active life grinds to a halt. Situated in the heart of Otley, our clinic is easy to find and quick to book.