What to Expect at your first visit

Welcome to Otley Osteopaths


Otley Osteopaths provide a professional, safe and excellent health care service. We make every effort to ensure you feel comfortable and relaxed.

On your initial appointment (cost £45) you will be asked to complete a registration and consent form. The osteopath will ask you specific questions about your problem and background medical questions. The first session is focused around assessment, but there will always be time for treatment techniques.

Removing outer layers of clothing allows optimal treatment of your problem. Although we provide a safe and professional environment, we appreciate some clients may feel uncomfortable removing their outer garments. If this is the case, please inform the osteopath and we will work around whatever you are comfortable wearing or you could consider bringing a sports top or shorts if you would feel more comfortable being treated in these.


Assessing the Pain

The osteopath will assess your pain by gently moving your joints, it may also be necessary to do a few  non-invasive tests (e.g taking your blood pressure). The diagnosis will be explained to you with models so you see for yourself what the problem is.

Before any treatments are carried out, all the options will be explained, and you can ask any questions you may have. Some massage-based treatments require the use of a small amount of oil, however, we use very small amounts so a change of clothes is not required.

None of our treatment methods are painful, but occasionally clients do feel achy the day after, this is normal and quickly resolves. If you do have any queries or concerns after your treatment please contact us and we will be happy to discuss it with you.

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What Our Patients Say

The Otley Osteopaths were able to identify what my condition was, and I can now enjoy my love of running.
— Janet
Their explanation of my back issue showing pictures has really helped me to understand what was happening and then why I was doing each exercise. The simple tip about posture and how to sit has been of priceless help. Thank you.
— Ann
The Otley Osteopaths’ treatment mad a real difference to my sciatica so I could walk down the aisle at my wedding without limping! They have eased the daily excruciating pain I used to have so that I can now enjoy life again! My back is good now - I just need occasional upkeep and maintenance appointments. Definitely recommend!
— Joanna
After years of back problems, they have given me the tools to alleviate my pain. I was initially concerned that treatment would cause pain but have been delighted with it.
— Ken
Excellent treatment from friendly and caring people.
— Matt
I had back trouble for a long time. NHS treatment, including a spinal injection, had no lasting beneficial effect. But the Otley Osteopaths’ treatment and suggested exercises mean that I can now again country dance, walk up to six miles and do some gardening. I am extremely pleased with the osteopathy I have received and would recommend anyone to try it.
— Audrey