Pregnancy & Osteopathy


Osteopathy can help treat problems associated with pregnancy and post-partum. These often include back & pelvic pain, posture problems from breast feeding, headaches and swollen feet.

Careful assessment, especially focusing on the details surrounding the pregnancy means it's a safe, and effective way of treating issues throughout pregnancy and post-delivery without medications.

Manual therapy and techniques are tailored to the stage of pregnancy and many ladies find the treatment very relaxing. Often the treatment provides very quick relief from the symptoms. 


Our osteopaths are qualified to treat pregnant ladies without the need to see their midwife for a referral first. If there are any concerns that may need further medical review the osteopath will advise you to speak with your midwife or GP. 

Our osteopath, Mariska Wilkins, has advanced training in pregnancy and post-partum and specialises in looking after ladies with pregnancy related problems.